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Demagtech proctecting crops and plants

Our Technology

Sustainable crop protection and herbicide resistance management from a chemical perspective. 

Our active ingredients are aimed at preserving the environment whilst providing farmers with crop protection solutions that enable the production of high yielding and quality crops.

DemAgtech is a company undertaking research to find new crop protection solutions. DemAgtech is taking an innovative approach to the discovery of new modes for the delivery of herbicides and crop protection chemistries more effectively and sustainably.  

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A major challenge for farmers is herbicide-resistant weeds and with little innovation, in finding new modes of action of herbicides in the last thirty years the industry is greatly in need of new solutions. 

Crop Protection

DemAgtech’s research and development cover accurate delivery of crop protection actives including herbicides as well as discovery efforts to find new molecules that are herbicidal.

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Our Research

Our most advanced product candidates will find application as selective herbicides in initially controlling broadleaf weeds in soybean and cotton and also in other crops such as maize, sugar beet and canola.   

Our research efforts are undertaken in partnership with The University of Western Australia and Curtin University’s Centre for Crop and Disease Management.

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Active Ingredients

DemAgtech’s active ingredients are also specifically designed to prevent volatilization and thus control the off-target drift of the active.

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